Damage Clothing – A Performative Photo Session

Damage Clothing is a store for the man who’s fashion sense is unique and could not care less about style. Class is what he wants to convey. For this season they’ve introduced a selection of womenswear with an androgynous tendency through a collaboration with local young designers at Nieuwe Meuk and some Wood Wood pieces. Their lookbook was shot by Mathijs Labadie and we think it’s exceptional! The concept is very fresh and peculiar without the use of too much props. It’s just clothing and performativity engaging in delivering an uncanny yet very pleasant vision.

We loved it and we’d like to see some more!

Damage- Playground-PMS-Mathijs-Labadie-II-012

Damage- Playground-PMS-Mathijs-Labadie-II-007

Damage- Playground-PMS-Mathijs-Labadie-II-001