Gamsei Cocktail Bar – Munich

When the owner and head bartender Matthew Bax opened Gamsei in Munich, he introduced hyper-localism to a field of practice which, till then, had been mainly confined to the food scene. The bar interior, designed and executed by Fabian A. Wagner of Buero Wagner with Andreas Kreft, is a clear continuation of this philosophy – looking for surprising configurations whilst paying a tribute to the local Bavarian culture and craftsmanship.


“At Gamsei you will drink only regional cocktails. All the fresh ingredients are either wild foraged by ourselves or locally grown by small artisan farmers with which we have a close relationship. We want to know where our products are from, who grew them and how. In addition the great majority of base liqueurs, schnapps, syrups and infusions are made in-house.”


Dried flowers, herbs and leaves are stored and displayed in a wooden built-in cupboard that stretches the full length of the back wall. Apart from the ingredients, the doors to the bathrooms and the laboratory are seamlessly integrated into this joinery wall, which has been crafted from solid oak with a natural oil finish.