La céramique, c'est chic!

Imagine a world where you would have to rejoice your 5 o’clock herbal elixir in a cheap plastic cup. It must taste as good as truffle foie gras eaten with cardboard cutlery or Pinot Grigio drank out of a beer mug. We don’t think Marie Antoinette would approve of this, would she?

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Sometimes, the true flavor of a beverage or dish can be savored to the fullest only in the finest attire. It’s a well know fact that for each drink type there’s the perfect recipient designed and calculated in respect to the qualities of that specific potion. So, exquisite, handmade glazed pieces of wonder can enhance your culinary experience. Because good food and liquors are meant to be appreciated!


But for those of you rebels who discard refined table social behavior, ceramics usage is, well, universal. From keeping freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, serving a mild Costa Rica brew, to organizing your buttons, pins, screws and needles.
We believe ceramics are useful objects of desire. It can be offered as a gift, collected and displayed as artistic expressions. Pottery and clay modeling can be a good therapy for the soul and a resultful creativity source as well. It’s only up to you how you chose to enjoy it.


Some of the lovely hipshops featured on our platform have dazzling ceramic pieces that will enchant your senses. So go ahead, browse through and pick your favorites!
And don’t forget, next time you wish to comfort someone with a cup of hot cocoa, think a plastic cup might be amusing, but “la céramique, c’est chic!”.