LFG x Hunting and Collecting

Hunting and Collecting have just announced their first collab and co-branding!

Every store that is not just a store, but one that sees itself as cultural actor, pushes the range of its activities ouside the classic retail realm of retail and tries to put its mark on products and lifestyle in its own way in their own community.


Working further on the theme “Where No Store Has Gone Before”, Hunting and Collecting is proud to have teamed up with LFG (Little Fashion Gallery) – the best french multibrand online store for children and owner of the namesake brand LFG – to co-produce their first ever unisex collab for children.


“Children are the future and it is them who will go where no man has gone before, and we need to prepare our kids the best we can for this mission.” This is the reason behind Hunting and Collecting’s first collaboration that has turned its attention to kids.
This unisex collection sizes from 2 to 10 years and is made of 100% cotton.