New Stores – March 2013

We feel that we’ve kept a lot to ourselves lately. We’ve been adding a lot of wonderful stores to our platform and we feel they deserve a little bit of extra attention.
In case you didn’t check the latest on our website, here’s a selection from our already select choice.


Artilleriet – Gothenburg

They offer a dynamic and diverse collection of home furnishings, furniture, and accessories. The range consists of a specific blend of classic vintage and contemporary products, such as antique furniture with innovative design from around the world. Artilleriet works with well-known brands with proven high quality, and equally important, with lesser known, “up and coming” designers.
Their roots are the Netherlands, France and Denmark, countries with fantastic interior design history.

adler altona

Adler – Altona – Hamburg

As a basis for the graphic identity of Adler – Altona, Christian Adler used historical documents: first, an old ad from the Argo Reederei Richard Adler & Söhne, which was led by the owner’s grandfather.
Second, a map of Altona dated 1857 from the publisher C. Adler, that the entrepreneur has found in an antique shop.
Christian Adler studied in Hamburg, worked independently there and in September 2012, his the affinity for clothing, music and books made him open his own store.

Finger in the nose

Finger in the Nose – Paris

A lot of authenticity, a touch of “Rock & Roll Attitude” combined with a dose of functionality, Finger in the Nose’s collection successfully unites the look of an adult garment with the need of a child’s comfort.
These garments were made so that children will like to wear them, and their parents appreciate the way their offspring look. A simple yet clever product, capable of accompanying the child everywhere.


Nose – Paris

Born from a team of 7 beauty professionals and enthusiasts, Nose is a concept beauty store and online shop, solely dedicated to creator brands, centered around a single idea: running personalized perfume diagnostics.
One can access their results, visualise the breakdown of their favourite ingredients and find a selection adjusted to one’s own olfactive taste.
It took two and a half years to process all the perfumes in Nose’s unique database.


Paper & Tea – Berlin

Paper & Tea has emerged from the concern of offering demanding tea drinkers fine and rare teas and accessories presented in a special way.
The team behind the concept appreciates the ancient tradition of tea as a cultural mediator and catalyst of human communication and creativity. Deviating from the conventional model, Paper & Tea invites the visitor to their own sensual exploration of the store. The range of exquisite teas is clearly exhibited to allow customers their own personal journey of discovery. In addition, the knowledgeable in store “Teaists” gladly explain the properties of the offered teas.