OFF THE GRID – This year’s Darkroom collection

Based on Superstudio‘s theory that a grid can be deemed “anti-design”, Darkroom designed their 2014 collection based on grids. Questioning what even constitutes a grid by taking it into three-dimensional formats, Darkroom explored the effects of materials and textures on the rigidity of gridded patterns, creating fluidity and charming imperfections across a collection of decorative and functional pieces.

Darkroom's OFF THE GRID

At the heart of this season’s Darkroom-designed collection are a series of hand-mosaiced sculptural tables. Each piece has been
painstakingly created from over 3,000 individual Italian glass tiles. Complimenting these are a series of hand-painted cubic planters and vases made from concrete and metal-frame stands that explore the idea of volume and the beauty of three dimensional grids.

Darkroom's OFF THE GRID

Darkroom also announces the launch of their inaugural tableware series consisting of plates, bowls and cups. The gridded ceramics form mathematical backdrops to the organic structures of the food to be served on them are a reference to SuperStudio’s landscape photo-montages.

Darkroom's OFF THE GRID

OFF THE GRID is set to be launched during The London Design Festival (13-21st September 2014).


Image credits:

Set design: Anna Lomax

Photography: Jess Bonham