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Crime Passionnel: a hidden gem in Copenhagen

Remember the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, born with a superior olfactory sense, whose work creating the world’s finest perfume takes a dark turn as he searches for the ultimate scent? Well you may keep that story in mind, (only as a metaphor, though!) when thinking about this niche perfumery in the heart of Copenhagen – Crime Passionnel – where the mix of mysterious, alluring fragrances to kill for greets you from outside of the shop and instantly makes you want to come inside.


What you will find here is a narrow range of sophisticated, exclusive niche perfumes and a limited assortment of cutting-edge names from beauty capitals all around the world: brands such as Amouage, Jovoy, Nasomatto, LM Parfums and the list goes on. These oils and potions are beautifully displayed along the brick walls, on shelvings made of industrial iron bars, offering the impression you are inside a perfumery lab, rather than just a shop.


Everything here is made to connect together the five traditional senses in humans, combining them into one sensual affair, overwhelming experience. Your company and guide on this beautiful journey is Aivaras Stanevicius, one of the two co-owners of the shop, who will kindly speak for hours about each and every fragrance, initiating you in the unique world of flavours.


Nothing that happens at Crime Pasionnel is random, and your purpose there is well served: no doubt  you will make the right choice, after walking through careful steps which will allow you to find the fragrance which suits you best.



What this hidden gem in Copenhagen does is tell a story, create an atmosphere, rekindle emotions. And it is tuly enough to enter once and breathe in the mixture of scents – you will definitely want to come back for more.


A new coffee experience in Amsterdam: SPRMRKT x The Coffeevine x Illarion Gordon

With its flourishing amount of speciality stores and independent retailers, no wonder Amsterdam is being carved out as the European capital of niche experiences. This is a story of coffee meets fashion meets illustration, happening at Rozengracht 191 – 193, where SPRMRKT have set out to offer their visitors a different type of retail experience. In order to do that, they have invited coffee curator The Coffevine and the Rusian artist Illarion Gordon to elaborate on a new concept of what a great coffee experience can be.



Initially founded as a written guide to the best coffee bars in Amsterdam and beyond, The Coffeevine grew into a curator of Europe’s finest coffee. In collaboration, SPRMRKT and The Coffeevine created a space in their newly renovated store where the young company will cement itself with their own coffee bar, as a point of reference for coffee of outstanding quality- sourced from roasters around the globe.



In addition, SPRMRKT invited the artist Illarion Gordon to design an exclusive collection of handmade coffee cups, that he created together with the ceramic manufacturers Redneck Ware. Illarion, who has been working as a creative director and commercial illustrator for several years, caught SPRMRKT’s attention thanks to his personal work as an artist.




As Marvin Schippmann from SPRMRKT says, “We wanted to create a space in which our customers feel welcome to take their time and experience the store’s environment from a new angle. In addition, we wanted to offer something special that can’t be found somewhere else that easily. By aligning our unique views of our fields of expertise, and using our mutual passion for progress, we are confident that our journey with The Coffeevine and Illarion Gordon will be a rich one.”